Charismatic Cancerians – A Peek-a- Boo into Their Closets


Cancers are traditionalists and dress for success and security rather than to create a style statement.This water sign is sentimental and wears a lot of clothes that have an emotional connect and meaning to it. Cancerians are conservative in style.


They will have the latest designs and stay on top of the fashion world but their clothes are understated and elegant. She prefers conventional silhouettes and does not experiment much with her looks.



Cancer women do not experiment much with colors and prefer to stick to classics colors like black, white, reds an earthy color palette of green, brown, khakhi, beige and soft romantic shades. Her wardrobe will have timeless classics with simple clean lines and flowing fabrics that are easy to maintain.



Cancers tend to choose clothes that are vintage and has a nostalgic feel. This reflects in their style which is feminine, sophisticated and full of character. They prefer to accessorise with necklaces with a special fondness for the evergreen pearls. The accessories are usually heritage pieces handed down through generations and hold special memories.






Bollywood’s barbie doll Katrina Kaif is a Cancerian. This gorgeous diva carries her clothes with confidence and looks stunning in whatever she wear. Solid mainstream colors in simple and clean cuts is her signature look.



Priyanka Chopra loves shoes and often chooses her clothes based on the shoe she is going to wear. Her style is edgy, modern and forward. She does not focus on just the outfit but on her overall look and wants it to be complete from head to toe.