Work To Date – What To Wear When You Want To Go From Boardroom To After-hour Cocktails !!

What To Wear When You Want To Go From Boardroom To After-hour Cocktails !!

Ahh this is a complete challenge for anyone and everyone. Usually men find it easy because they don’t have to do much to go from day to night. Especially when your boss is hosting a after-work party or if you have a date after work , you will definitely need to look appropriate for work, but still look dashing for your date night . So what exactly should you be wearing is the million dollar question in all our minds !!! Here are some tips that help you change from day to night !!

Be lady-like at work by pairing your camisole and pants with a blazer or a jacket and later when you are ready to party you can just slip it off and look ravishing in your camisole and pants for your date night ! Another hot look is you can wear a nice tunic top with a sweater for work and later in the evening you can take it off and look chic for your dinner date in your tunic.

The main thing with which you can do wonders are your accessories !! For a boardroom style you don’t have to wear much. But when you switch to party mode you can throw on some statement earrings,bracelet or necklace to look more festive.


Mostly you will be wearing flats or shoes for boardroom style . You can carry a pair of heels to match your outfit at night or else you can opt for sparkling pumps or strappy gladiators that will work for both !


Image Courtesy : Zara