The Zodiac Edit – All about pretty Pisces

Your fashion sense is always influenced by your distinct personality. What could be better than linking your style statement with your sun sign? This Spring when you can smell the blossom of fresh flowers let’s talk about the most romantic sun sign, Pisces and learn about its style quotient.

The Piscean style speaks about its versatility and flexibility just like a fish in the water. Hence, people who fall under this sign live in their own magical world and are highly imaginative and creative with their outfits. They dress to impress and make sure that they are fabulously attired when setting out.

Pisceans love soft shades and fabrics. They love to be dressed in pastel hues like green, lavender, pink and blues, the perfect shades for the start of spring. The fashion statement of a Piscean woman is always high on glamour and romance. She loves to wear flowing, graceful silhouettes in prints like floral, hearts and stars. The most desired fabrics are chiffon, satin and silk and she can’t resist frilly gowns, blouses and fabulous accessories. Pisceans are usually spotted matching their attires with their accessories and footwear and they dislike experimenting with contrasting colors.The pisceans are involved with the brilliant, poured fabrics changing shades depending on illumination, soft silk, jersey, elastic materials.

When a Pisces woman goes out for a night , she will have all eyes on her. She loves to exude romance, and she looks absolutely magical and captivating with her colorful party wear . Her dress will be sophisticated, yet simple and comfortable. She loves the color beige and will often complement her pastel dress with accessories in beige.

When it comes to accessories for the Pisces woman, the possibilities are endless. She usually loves silver, gold and diamonds. For an everyday look, she will probably wear dangling earrings, with just a touch of color or a lot of blue.She loves bangles and bracelets and knows that less is more. That’s why you will probably catch her wearing a one-of a- kind bangle or cuff. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, the Pisces loves lots and lots of color.

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