The 100 Saree Pact

100SP4A simple pact between two friends to wear 100 sarees in a year has gone viral. Most women wear their sarees for special occasions and the rest of the time it remains inside the cupboard unworn.  Two friends Ally Matthan and Anju Maudham Kadam decided to do something about the sarees that they had collected over the years.


The #100 saree pact was born to celebrate the six yards of elegance by wearing saree for 100 days by the end of the year. The pact started small on facebook with just the two of them keeping tabs and by the third saree, their friends joined them and eventually the 100 saree pact went viral.




A small inspirational idea has gained tremendous momentum.  Each saree has its own story to tell, there are so many memories, emotions attached to each saree be it a wedding saree, an heirloom saree or just a casual saree and this pact has played a part in bringing those stories to the fore. A blog captures the story of each woman, each saree worn as part of the 100sareepact.


Sandhya Udayshankar says when she wore her rust-coloured saree it brought back memories of her engagement “Wearing a saree is a lot about attitude and empowerment. I feel I can conquer anything,” Lopamudra Mohanty talks about an ikat sari that is from a small village in Odisha gifted to her by a friend and her love for all things Odisha.  Priya. “This pact has enabled me to get in touch with strong, independent, warm and like-minded women. That has been my best experience.


It has reached out to so many women across the world and has been a source of joy, comfort.  The pact also helps one stay connected to their roots and indulges in the rich heritage and culture of India. The 100 saree pact ends on 21st December and the duo are working on a book to showcase the stories that have been a part of their journey.

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