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Winter is almost over, get ready to welcome Summer Splash!

This season takes a modern twist on the traditional Indian clothing. The real you will always ignite in the shades you pick so always be careful in your choice. Here are the latest trends 2014 from the runway. Check the one that suits you.

Lemon Line:

The summer staple of the year is Lemon Line. It’s hot and bright shows your stability and the versatility. Just get into it!

Golden Hue:

Opt for the lighter golden hues ornate with similar shades and enjoy the look. The metallic shade is here to roll on your bright mood and the rich views.


It’s summer treat! Watermelon, such a perfect summer color, pinkish red with a tint of other shades would be the best of all. Watermelon contains 92% percent water that makes it a cinch to convert into a cocktail. Try now!


Don’t think that you can’t try such a bold color? Emerald trend encompasses all shades, including lighter and softer. Being the second favorite color on the planet motives and inspires our appearances.


Olive shade into the wild look is the real concept of the modish woman. The wilderness mainly specifies the strength to compete. Look strong and bold in this hue!


Cerulean is the hot new color this season. It’s renowned for bringing the classic trench. Pair it with neutral or bright block shades. Enjoy the Summer blues and treat your color fashion.

Zesty Green:

The natural tint is the victim of every fashion observer. The best trap to fall in love with. Not a single fashionista would deny the zesty green.

Carnation Pink:

The color that would evoke the feminine wiles, the cute and innocent look always goes along with the shade.

Dissolve the winter and get ready for the summer shades Now! Happy Shopping!