Revel in the colors of Navratri

This October, people across the country will get ready to relish the nine-days long festival, Navratri. A festival known for its color, music, dance and celebration. During this fest, people all over the cities, villages alike, gather in open spaces to celebrate feminine divinity.

The tradition of celebrating this colorful fest was prevalent in India, since the time immemorial, even before the advent of Aryans. They too basked in its glory and rejoiced in the festive spirit with high-sounding music and dance.

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Chaniya Choli as a trend also originated during that time, and in fact, it was the primary dress of the Aryan women. The outfit has certainly evolved from that age and now and today it is identified as a traditional clothing of Gujarati women. The skirt or ghagra is known as the chaniya and the blouse is called the choli.

Undoubtedly, Chaniya Cholis form the most beautiful outfit for this fest, especially with its colorful design, precise mirror-work & ethnic cuts. It simply enlivens the whole spirit of Navratri and its versatility lets women of any age, carry this cultured outfit with poise.

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In the modern-day scenario, women revel in the beauty of colors by wearing nine different shades of ethnic outfit for these nine-days long fest. The shades include red, green, yellow, sky blue, orange, pink, grey, dark blue and white. This custom of wearing different shades of traditional outfit is followed mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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