The Red Carpet Look

The red carpet scene is one that is relatively new to India, as it has gained strength and momentum only recently with a spate of award shows, galas and other society events cropping up with great frequency. Today, celebrities along with their stylists and the media have nurtured a new found awareness when it comes to dressing up for the red carpet. It’s no longer enough to show up at an event wearing just a sari or a tuxedo. It’s about understanding the new and evolved aesthetic involved, with the paparazzi treating every red carpet appearance and event like the biggest fashion Olympics that on some level, it is surely meant to be.
Every single look of the celebrity is analyzed and dissected from head to toe and God save the stylist who has the misfortune of getting it wrong. Today it’s about following the red carpet rules of the West, while at the same time injecting and implementing it with an Indian twist or you could go the whole hog and don Indian attire itself. It is safe to say that many defining fashion moments occur on the red carpet. But it is important to strike the right note, especially when sporting an Indian look on the red carpet.
I have never really believed in ‘fashion rules’ as such. I think you can wear any color, design or pattern, be it blue or green, spots or checks. The choice really is yours as most people have their own way of expressing themselves through their attire. But when it comes to red carpet dressing, I think the occasion demands a certain level of responsibility and brings with it a need to adhere to a few basic guidelines such as:
If you’re taking a risk with your outfit and wearing something that is out of your comfort zone like a low cut or backless blouse or attempting a sari in shades of neon or other bright colors that you don’t usually go for, make it a very well-calculated risk.
If your dress is daring and fashion-forward, make sure you get the hair and make-up/accessories spot on as there can be no room for error.
Always choose an outfit that will let you stay comfortable through out the evening. If you’re not at ease in your ensemble, it will definitely show on your face. So ensure that you pick an outfit that will make you look and feel good about yourself. When in doubt, it is always the wisest decision to opt for an elegant sari in net, chiffon or georgette.
The fit of the garment is the most important factor that will decide the outcome of your overall appearance. A perfectly stitched made to measure blouse or suit will definitely fit to your body perfectly and will do the perfect job of hiding all your flaws and emphasizing your body in the right way. But if you’re buying a ready made garment, make sure you get a good tailor to alter the garment to your exact body type so that it looks like it was made just for you as any unsightly bumps, scrunching or length issues is sure to take away from your otherwise flawless appearance.

With these tips in hand, you’re sure to be well dressed and red carpet worthy gorgeous at all times!

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