Leos in the Limelight


Leos are warm and large hearted and love to be the center of attraction. Their dressing style reflects their personality and is flamboyant with a royal touch and puts them in the limelight. They love rare, designer pieces, bold patterns,animal prints, bling and statement accessories.


Leos love dressing up and can make even a luxurious outfit look casual with the way they carry it off. They have a classy and sophisticated style using fashion to  accentuate their looks. Leos do not experiment much with designers or looks going with tried and tested labels or designers who they are sure of. They also love a dash of shimmer in their outfit with shiny fabrics in fire tones with golden touches.





Clothes with a touch of drama appeal to the Leos. Fabrics should be flowing and well tailored with fluid lines. They focus on the color and the tailoring of the outfit . Leos love bright, fun colors that are not too loud or garish. Rather than dress in latest styles they follow fashion, find the time tested styles and customize it to suit their personality.





Kajol is a Leo who loves the attention. Though she was initially criticized for her fashion choices she has made a conscious decision to reinvent her style and has evolved as a fashionista. Orange, black and gold are her favorite colors.

Bubbly, cute and adorable Genelia is a paparazzi favorite with her fashion sensibilities. She makes every look her own and carries her clothes with confidence be it a traditional saree or a trendy dress.