Kochi Carnival – A Potpourri of fun, festivities and traditions

Kochi, a small city of Kerala gradually transforming into a cosmopolitan arena is an an important part of the South Indian weltanschauung. Last week of December every year at Fort Kochi marks a period of celebrations and shows. This series of celebration with grand fiestas, bike races and fire displays seeping into the New Year celebrations is popularly called Cochin Carnival.

Cochin Carnival is a merry making feast observed to welcome beginning of a brand New Year. The inception of this carnival is traced to Portuguese New Year, during colonial days. This unique festival of Cochin Carnival is ethically based on five principles namely peace, progress, environment, participation and adventure.

Bike Race at Cochin Carnival

Bike Race at Cochin Carnival

The celebration of the carnival usually commences with the preparation itself. The carnival witnesses a potpourri of celebration. These include cultural activities and sports events like Kalam Vara (floor drawing), tug-of-war, bicycle race, swimming in the sea, beach volleyball etc. The cynosure of the carnival is the massive procession held on the New Year’s Day. The procession is lead by an elephant which is ornamented and bedecked with jewelries. This procession is accompanied by ¬†‘Panchavadyam’, music bands, fancy dress, spectacular floats, folk arts forms of Kerala etc. The city wide promotion of the grand event is district tourism promotion council. Each year the carnival is witnessed by plethora of tourists who come from different parts of the world.

The popular eye candy of the carnival is undoubtedly the  fancy dress competition, where people are seen dressed up in weird attires. Artistes dress up as Hindu gods and goddesses and lots more get up such as Egyptian mummies, popular politicians etc. through the ornate streets.


The city’s pan-Indian nature is highlighted by the substantial presence of various ethnic communities from different parts of the country. Hence a wide variety of ethnic fashion can be seen during this carnival. People gather in large groups in enthusiastically as they come here, clad in exotic colored clothes to add that special touch to this generous occasion. Contemporarily people are also growing more fashion-conscious. People embrace western casual clothing with elan deviating from the traditional Kerala during the carnival. Dressed up in fancy dresses, all and sundry takes part in the event with enthusiasm. Another interesting thing about Kochi is that, it has actively hosted a number of high profile fashion shows, including ones sponsored by Fashion Television.

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