To Maa… With Love.. Mother’s Day Gifts from Cbazaar


Mother’s Day is observed on every second Sunday of May. This was originally proposed by Anna. M. Jarvis from the United States. She got the idea when her mother spoke about having a memorial mother’s day some day during a bible session in the church. After her mother died, Anna along with some friends started writing letters for this campaign and started gaining support slowly. She strongly felt that children don’t appreciate the mothers during their presence and wanted a holiday which will strengthen the family bonds. Finally, during May 8, 1914, Congress designated the second Sunday of every May as Mother’s day and it was approved by President Woodrow Wilson.

Although, this is a westernized concept, having an extra day to spend some time or pamper your mother silly with gifts is always delightful. Although, your mom doesn’t expect anything other than your presence, celebrating this day with gifts and taking her out on a date will make her feel special.

If your mother loves anything ethnic, here are a few things you can choose to present her.

Canvas handbags are not only impressive but also Eco-friendly. With beautiful colors and prints, these will quickly become her favorite ones. These bags are the perfect accompaniment to any wedding or party.

blue-hand-bags-hbbkrk1602-uWho doesn’t love a beautiful kada? This is a statement piece with beautiful green and red colors on a golden base. It adds character to the whole outfit.

tradistya--green-n-red-kada-hjkmtratb235-uIf your mom loves something sleek and traditional, then this is a perfect choice. With leaf designs and embellished stones, it has the right amount of bling to flaunt.

gold-n-white-colored-traditsiya-bangles-hjbrmtratb209-uOne cannot insist enough on the love women, especially moms, have for silk sarees. This soft pure silk saree with the traditional colors and zaris will take her on a trip back to the olden days. She will be glad to wear this and also feel the pride especially when you as a son or daughter gift it to them.


A subtle beauty with elegant designs and patterns, this silk saree is a keeper. This is very appropriate for moms who love minimalist patterns and designs.


Whether it is for your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, or your bestie who became a new mom, it is time to spoil them silly and celebrate their presence. They make our life easy and are the strong pillars of support without whom our lives would be all the more difficult.   

Happy Mother’s Day!