Deepika look in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Deepika Blue Saree


Almost a month may have passed since ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ released, but the craze of the movie is still going strong. The whole world is still going crazy over the songs, Ranbir and Deepika’s chemistry, Madhuri’s dance number, the locale, and the designer clothes! Deepika’s transformation from the quiet, shy aspiring doctor to the bold and feisty persona which we saw in the second half of the movie was a treat to the eyes in terms of her attire and fashion choices. This blog here is going to give you a break up of how you too can achieve her stylish look and be the center of attention wherever you go!


In the beginning of the movie, she is portrayed as a timid, education oriented girl, who decides to break free from the mold and do something wild and exciting for once! She wore a lot of casual, feminine, floaty dresses teamed with jackets and leggings to avoid revealing her body and keeping up with her image in the movie. The weather in which the movie was shot was also a key factor in this regard. As the movie progressed, she too became a little bolder with her clothes by wearing shorts and slightly low cut tops. You too can easily adopt this casual and trendy look to great effect, as I’m sure it is already very similar to what most of you usually wear.


The second half of the movie saw a complete transformation in both attitude and attire. This Deepika wore low cut blouses and salwars, backless blouses and clothes that revealed her navel as well, which went perfectly well with the new avatar that was presented to us. While I know that most of you will not be comfortable with revealing that much of your body, what you can take from her attire is the designs and patterns of her clothes and get them modified it to suit your tastes and comfort level.


Her hair was simple and left loose at most times, with a few up do’s in the wedding scenes, while her make up too was mostly minimal, with a few dramatic touches here and there, whenever the occasion called for it. As far as accessories are considered, she wore a lot of bangles and jhumkas to give her outfits a more rounded look.


Her shoes were mostly ballet flats and sandals for the western outfits and heels for the Indian outfits. After reading this piece, you will find that achieving her look is not such a difficult task after all, since she too was playing the role of a girl, who at heart is just like any one of us. Deepika Saree