Bollywood Style 100 Years Down The Memory Lane! (Romantic 60’s)

The period was known as the evergreen romantic period of Bollywood with more of romantic epics. It was an awash of emotion era. And was termed to be the epoch of colors on silver screen. Actresses like Sadhana, Saira Banu, Asha Parekh, and Sharmila Tagore ruled over the audience with their gorgeous looks and appeal.


60'S Beauties

Romantic 60’s -The evergreen romantic period of Bollywood

Sadhana Shivdasani the style icon for the college girls was born in a Sindi family. She aspired to become an actress right from her childhood and succeeded too. In all her movies her eyes did most of the work as it was more expressive and beautiful. She is also famously known as the “mystery girl” as most of her films rolled around mysteries.


The style icon for the college girls of  60's

fashion fad of 60’s

Sadhana was said to be the fashion fad of 60’s as people started following her fringe hair style. Sadhana hair cut is still famous and in trend. The most famous tight fitting churidar suits were the all credits of Sadhana. The trend of loose salwar kameez was thrown out and she darely brought in the tight pants and fitting kameez. The style was copied by all the young girls in India. The look of Sadhana suited her well as a naughty, pretty, and glamorous all together.

The perfect phenominal beauty Saira Banu was born to the actress Naseem Banu. She debuted at the age of 19 opposite to Shammi Kapoor in “Jungli” She had been trade marked as the hottest actress who had perfect hour glass shape figure. Apart from her natural divine beauty her beehive hairdos, wing-ting eye liner, and the one inch long eyelashes were the most famous looks that were still been admired. Saira Banu can not be imagined without those western jewelries. Dressed in mod, she was said to be the glamour girl of 60’s.

Gorgeous Saira Banu

Bollywood royal personality


The professionally talented Asha Parekh born to a middle class Gujarati family in Banglore. Her beauty hit the Bollywood floor strongly in the 60’s and lasted till late 70’s. Her professionalism made her director’s to cast her again and again in their films. She soon became the top female star and continued to hold the record for starring in the maximum number of hit films. She started her film career as the child artist. As a child she learned Indian classical dance forms and that helped her to gracefully challenge her foe actresses. While it’s come to dressing style she always preferred sophisticated shades and trailing long pallu. She had really sharp features and her hairstyle was really famous. As they were oversized buns and updo hairstyle.


Asha Parekh

Charming and provocative beauty


Charming and provocative beauty played most of the romantic role and most of her films hit the box office. She remained unmarried claiming that her reputation of being unapproachable made people hesitate in asking for her hand in marriage. Asha stopped her acting career in 1995 and pursued the direction and production. She received the Filmfare Life Achievement Award in 2002. She has produced and directed many serials but her acting accomplishments were unforgettable



Sensuously beautiful Sharmila Tagore born to a noble family and being the grand niece of the notable Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore she was introduced by ray in his Bengali films. Well known as Bengal beauty she was introduced in Hindi movie “Kashmir ki Kali” opposite to Shammi Kapoor. Soon she established herself as a popular actress. She was in fact named as the hottest actress and also the sex symbol of 60’s. Her acting came out in the movies like Aradhana, Amar Prem, and Safar. An evening in Paris is also one of the most memorable movie.



Charismatic Personality

These sensuous beauties created a drastic change of style in their attires and give way for the next generation to rock with their own style without any inhibitions!

to be continued….