Baluchari Brilliance


Baluchari saree is known for its silk brocade designs, attractive motifs and color harmony.From the rich traditions of Bengal, the Baluchari saree has been given the status of a geographical marker by the government of India. Mostly manufactured in the district of Murshidabad, this saree is iconic due to its intricate depictions of mythological and historical scenes on the pallu.

Usually done on the finest silk, and more recently Jacquard – the preparation of the motifs on the pallu is a time and resource intensive process. It usually has scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana, but since the days of the British, it has been known to weave socio-historical statements with depictions of women working, village life and the freedom struggle.

The Making

Manufacturing a Baluchari sari is a time consuming process. It requires extremely good craftsmanship and takes around a week to weave one saree. These are hand woven and use the purest of yarns depending on the material. These were originally woven only using the purest of silk threads; however, as time went by, cotton fabric was also used to weave the Baluchari sari.The silk yarns are made smooth and colorful by boiling them in hot water and soda and then treating it with acid color dye. After that, the yarn is stretched to make it tight and strong enough to be woven into a saree.

Meant originally as a status symbol, these sarees were worn by royalty of the families of zamindars. Usually done in an intricate two-thread weave, the most expensive and elaborate of Balucharis are done in a dual weave of gold and silver for a stunning effect.The mythological designs makes a Baluchari saree perfect for ceremonial and festive occasions which have a religious touch to it.

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