Bakrid- A celebration of faith



Muslims undeterred faith in Allah defines the celebration of Bakrid. The celebration involves great enthusiasm and vigor among Muslims across the world. This festival is not just about the delicious food and new clothes but enlightens one to have faith and be ready to follow all commands of Allah.

ramadan_01The story revolving around this celebration unfolds the true dedication of Prophet Ibrahim towards Allah. It is believed that once Allah asked him to sacrifice the dearest and nearest one in his life. His love towards his son was as strong as his faith in Allah so he decided to sacrifice his son to prove his faith in Allah.

Killing his own son with his own hands was petrifying and unimaginable but he could not deny the order of higher power. Having slain down his own son with his sharp sword reciting Allah he opened his eyes and could not believe his eyes.

His son Ismail was standing healthy and hearty in front of his eyes. A dead ram with his head apart was lying in the pool of blood. Ibrahim emerged as a winner as he accepted god’s challenge with complete faith.

Men and women sport their best attires for this festive occasion. 10 to 12th day of the  Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah is celebrated as Bakra Eid (also referred as Eid-Ul-Azha, Eid-Ul-Zuha or Bakr-Eid). Muslims across the world celebrate it with great dedication, feast and act of nobility.

bakrid1They Dress up in new clothes and go to mosques offering special prayers for the peace and prosperity of their fellow beings. After the prayer, sacrifice is done. Muslims greet one another ‘Eid Mubarak’ and share their warmth. They visit relatives and friends and exchange gifts. Special delicacies and dishes are prepared and served amongst family and friends.

Bollywood’s King khan is all prepared for the celebration. This year two young Deccani sheep from Bengaluru will be part of King Khan’s Bakrid celebrations in Mumbai.