Bag It!!



Bags are a must to give any outfit a complete look. Not only are they absolutely indispensable as a fashion accessory, they are extremely necessary for practical purpose. Imagine stepping out without a handbag, it’s unthinkable isn’t it? Where would we stuff our millions and zillions of precious necessities?

What’s great about a bag is that it could really jazz up your outfit. Try a bright colored bag or one with lots of gleams and glimmer ( ) with an outfit in neutral or rather subdued shades. But, of course, do not team a shiny bag with an equally bright and shiny outfit. You would not want to blind people, do you?? , , ) look fab with Western outfits and go great with salwar suits too. Consider a gorgeous clutch bag with a great saree when it comes to weddings or parties.

The current rage is that of the small bags. Yes, they are back!! Be it a Western or an Indian outfit, we have an exquisite range that would complement any ensemble. Small sized bags with beaded shoulder strap.

Patchwork look or the quilted look is very much sought after when it comes to these fashion accessories. Quite a head turner, these add a rather ethnic touch to your outfit.

Exceedingly popular and a current trend is the extremely versatile clutch bag. It’s pretty safe, and rather a necessity going by the current trends, to invest in a good clutch bag as they team up great with Indian and Western outfits. Clutch bags are often seen with celebs like Paris Hilton and uber-chic Posh Spice. Of course the trend has caught on with our Bollywood Beauties too.

Or, if you wish to, then experiment with this contemporary basket weave asymmetrical clutch bag.

Glam up your western outfit with this classic yet trendy bag. The chunky stones add the trendy touch. Remove the straps and voila!! You have a stylish oversized clutch.

You could try this trick with your other small size bags too.