Navratri is all about worshipping Goddess Shakti’s divine attributes and seeking Her blessings. Have you ever pondered why 9 is so significant in Navratri? Well, Goddess Durga descends on earth in 9 beautiful manifestations and each day of Navratri is dedicated to a different form. Colors are one of the most important aspects of Navratri puja. Each color represents a unique characteristic of the goddess.

So this festive season Cbazaar is here to update your Festive trousseau color code for each day of Navratri. Add a stylish quotient  to your celebration in ethnic wears featuring intricate mirrorworks, vibrant Chaniya Cholis for Garbas and Dandiyas and lots with accentuating accessories.


FestiveFB1#DAY 1:The First day of Navaratri is devoted to the daughter of the Himalayas, Shailaputri. Welcome the festive saga with the vitality and vigour of color RED. Dressing up for a festival feels lacking without red, right ?? Check out Cbazaar’s ethnovogue e-store for amazing ethnic pieces and accessories in hues of red. The divas in red are said to live life to the fullest and are tenacious and determined in their endeavors.


9RANG-of-NAVRATRI-!!1#DAY 2: The second day of Navratri Devi Brahmacharini is invoked for the happiness she radiates. Celebrate the majestical aura soaked in the august of ROYAL BLUE .  Blue always has a royal impression on the onlookers. So be a charm of their eyes in deep blue ethnics and accentuate your lasting impressions with matching baubles. Royal blue as the name suggests projects your regal persona and your love for luxury and exuberance


9-Rang-of-navaratri3#DAY 3:Devi Chandraghanta, the symbol of strength is prayed to, on the third day of Navratri. Welcome the festive aura with the auspiciousness of color YELLOW. You will definitely be spoilt for choices with a collection of our yellow ethnic wears. Check them out. Wear this color of sunshine to reflect your fun and chirpy personality that adds a new zeal of energy to any occasion and festivity


9-Rang-of-navaratri1 (1)#DAY 4: On the fourth day of Navratri we worship Goddess Kushmanda who spreads warmth & light. Indulge in spreading happiness and praying prosperity for all with the Calmness of color GREEN. Explore our bohemian amass of green lehengas, chaniya cholis and matching accessories. Explore your love for youth liveliness and warmth in hues of green. If you are a lover of this hopeful and calming hue it means that you have a affinity towards traditions and heritage


9-Rang-of-navaratri#DAY 5: The deity of peace, Skanda Devi is worshipped on the fifth day. Celebrate the strength and valour bestowed upon you by goddess Durga in the shades of GREY. Let yourself relax in the mute hues of Grey ethnic wears and statement accessories magnifying your class. Strike a balance between the dark and light in shades of grey to reflect the stability and calmness of your character .


9-Rang-navaratri#DAY 6: On the sixth day Devi Katyayani is worshipped. Adorn yourselves in ORANGE hued ethnic wears to invoke the blessings of Goddess on the sixth day of Navratri. Brighten up your mood with happy shades of orange traditional wears featuring intricate craftsmanship. If you are fan of the tangerine shade then it says you want be a stunner in the crowd with your fiery personality as striking as the hue itself. You love to socialize and you take up the difficult challenges in life most sportingly


9-range#DAY 7: Goddess Kali is worshipped on 7th day of Navratri, who symbolizes fiery form of Goddess Durga. Seek Her blessings in the hues of SKY BLUE ethnic attires, She will protect you from all evils. You would certainly be mesmerised with the choices in sky blue lehengas and sarees for this festival season at Cbazaar. The cool blue is a reflection of your inner peace and stability which you love. This aqua shade tells that you live your life on your own terms , and are regulated by a set a beliefs and principles which guide through thick and thin


9RANG-of-NAVRATRI#DAY 8: On the eighth day, Mahagauri blesses her devotees with calm & wisdom. PINK stands for calmness, wisdom & femininity. Seek Goddess’s forgiveness purify your soul in pink ethnic wears. Irresistible choices and not-to-miss accessory collection, you would like to try this navratri. The color Pink is almost synonymous to femininity and effervescence . If you are fan of this color then it certainly means that you are kind hearted , emotional and has a penchant for all that is petite and perfect.


9-rang#DAY 9: On the final day of Navami, Devi Siddhidatri is worshipped for her inspiring aura. Embrace the hues of divinity in WHITE ethnic wears, white synonymizes peace and gracefulness. Explore flawless whites gowns, sarees, lehengas and undyed crystalled accessories to augment your look. Pristine white brings out the purity and serenity of your soul with in. It also says a lot about your undeterred spirit to fight all that is evil around.

Schedule your festive plans with the latest Fashion color code. May you have an awesome Navratri ahead.