5 Things Every Girl Would Love To Steal From Her Mother’s Closet

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is very special. Right from their young age,  mothers  love to play dress up with their little ones and makes sure that they are dressed well and differently. Sometimes, having a daughter can make the mother collect a lot of things right from when they are toddlers. When a daughter grows up, the first saree she wears is surely from her mom’s closet. Whether it is the school farewell or a wedding in the family, mother’s saree and accessories collection are the go-to places.

Right from that moment to their own wedding, daughters are always looking for ways to sneak into their mother’s possessions. It is also a small gesture to express that they are a part of them wherever they go. Take a look at five things that you can treasure for a lifetime.

  1. Sarees: Whether they are light weight chiffon sarees or the brightly hued kancheevaram silk sarees, you can always inherit them and bring them back into fashion. If you feel like giving a modern touch to the vintage saree, you can convert them into a lehenga or even a beautiful dress with great details. Your mother will surely be overwhelmed by this gesture.

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  1. Luxurious Shawls: When you are feeling low and want some comfort and warmth just like your mom’s words, her shawl can be your company. You can carry them wherever you go and all these shawls come in all colors and sizes. From soft pashmina shawls to heavily worked Kutch shawls, you mother’s shawls can be a great inheritance.

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  1. A strand of Pearls: Pearls are really versatile and timeless. What your mom wore during her younger days, can now be teamed up with your casual or professional wear. If you are in a rush in the morning or going someplace which is all about classiness, then pearls are your best friend. You can even convert the pearls into a stud, bangles, or even danglers.  

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  1. Wedding Shoes: Most of the times, wedding shoes aren’t given any importance and the panic  strikes at the last minute. But, did it ever occur to you that your mom might have saved her yesteryear sandals with some amazing stone works or tassel works on it? They are still very much in fashion and if you and your mother share the same size, you can definitely take it out for a ride after many years.

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  1. Antique Jewelry: In many parts of India, at least one piece of heirloom jewelry is passed on to the younger generation. Apart from being a classic addition to your existing collection, it is a way in which they can be in your thoughts. Also, it gives them immense pleasure watching you wear it.

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Although, they say old is gold, your mom’s wardrobe is not only a style revelation to you as a daughter but also a treasure trove that will bring back some cherished memories.